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Maids You Can Trust

Merry Maids of North & West Vancouver, maids you can trust

Hiring a maid service to clean your home is a big step. Knowing a maid is in your home when you are out requires a certain level of trust. What happens in the event of a maid breaking something during a cleaning? Even worse, what happens if a maid is hurt while cleaning your home? A maid service should answer these questions before being trusted to clean your home.

With Merry Maids of North & West Vancouver, each maid is bonded and insured to protect you from a number of scenarios. If a maid is injured in your home, our insurance will cover it so your home owners insurance isn’t involved. As each maid cleans your home, one common concern is what if they break something while moving about through the home? Every maid is professionally trained to avoid situations such as this but accidents do happen, even to the most careful maid. In these rare cases, Merry Maids of North & West Vancouver will absolutely replace or repair any damaged items accidently caused by a maid during a cleaning.

Every Merry Maids of North & West Vancouver maid is also thoroughly screened before being hired. This includes background and police record checks. We take pride in providing a maid service that our customers can trust. Knowing every maid has gone through a thorough screening gives our customers peace of mind when allowing a maid into their home.

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