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More than just cleaning

Merry Maids of North & West Vancouver goes above and beyond a traditional maid service by offering unique house cleaning plans that will relieve you of your chores. Our professionally trained maids treat your home as if it was their own. We believe in accountability and back this up with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, which promises you a thorough house cleaning every time. Whether you’re looking for a traditional house cleaning for an event or something every other week to free up some more time for yourself, you can count on Merry Maids of North & West Vancouver to help.

We provide you with a FREE in-home cleaning consultation to accurately quote your home and answer any questions you might have before setting up a house cleaning. At this meeting, we will offer you a fixed rate quote instead of hourly. Charging by the hour can often mean agreeing on one price to start and then seeing that price climb by the end of the house cleaning – referred to as a bait and switch. We’d rather listen and recommend what works best to make sure you receive an immaculate house cleaning.

Most importantly, you can trust Merry Maids of North & West Vancouver. Our maid service makes sure every maid is professionally trained and screened before they join our team. They are also bonded and insured in case of an injury or in the event anything gets damaged during a house cleaning.

Each Merry Maids of North & West Vancouver uses top of the line tools that benefit our house cleaning style. We use microfiber cloths that capture and remove more dust from your home. Our maids also use proprietary Merry Maids manufactured cleaning solutions, so you can rest assured that there would be no use of harsh chemicals during a house cleaning.

When considering a maid service to handle all of your cleaning needs and provide peace of mind, make sure you choose Merry Maids of North & West Vancouver.